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Models for the VIP-25,000 - 100,000 THB. get the job rate in the default rate.
To receive the service.
1. open a VIP Member as follows:
7,000 weekly
25,000 monthly
The value member to guarantee the customer's financial status, VIP.
2. VIP Member fee not included & not fee included . The value of the pocket money / budget girls.
3. when completed, we will send the girls to watch.
4. Select the girls and we Delivery.
WhatsApp contact : + 66 80 953 6378
Line ID contract : worldvipclub
And for a VIP member to participate in the business to expand in the business limit as follows:

Main Business Investment

01. Hotel

02. Casino

03. Airlines

04. Oil-oil well-oil refinery business

05. Groverment projects, Private projects, Special projects

06. Gold mine

07. Diamond mine

08. Plutonium mine

09. Eurasia Mine

10. Neptuneium Mine

11. Hori Harok Mine

12. Gemstone Mine

13. Bank business

14. Weapon Factory, Weapon Production Business

15. Combat vehicles manufacturing factory, business of manufacturing vehicles

16. Import-export business

17. World food business Fresh food business Dry food business Frozen food business Canned food business Tube food business Pellet food business Fresh food business

18. Fiber Optic Satellite Communication Manufacturing Business Network sales, navigation, navigation systems All communication systems

19. Night business Business, entertainment, business, massage parlor, business, massage, spa pretty relax, business spa, VIP lounge, coyote, sideline sex pretty Sideline Sex Models
All kinds of entertainment businesses of all kinds, all types

20. Liquor, beer, alcoholic beverage production business

21. The business of producing beverages for body care Drinks stimulate the body Electrolyte drink Mineral drinks

22. Cargo transportation business
Land transportation
Water transport
Air cargo transport
VIP transportation to private places is confidential.

23. International tobacco factory business
Operate tobacco planting, opium cultivation, coca planting, marijuana planting, tobacco production of all kinds.

24. Special forces, unit, assault unit, assassination unit, clearance system in the system and outside the system

25. Business to buy, maintain, control prices, set prices for all kinds of agricultural products around the world.

26. Concession business In wind energy, light energy, energy, water, energy, minerals of all kinds

27. Mining for all types of construction work

28. Production plants of all types of smelters, rebar manufacturing plants Cement plant Gypsum plant All kinds of construction materials factory All kinds of construction equipment factory All kinds of construction machinery factory

29. Takeover / Shareholders 95% Business, stock market, trading market 350 countries around the world

30. Take over Business theather Campus Hollywood and the movie business, X movie Large

31.Take over Cable TV Media and Advertising all country

32.Take over movie theater business In each country

33. Take large radio media in each country

34.purchase of border areas 350 countriness around the world including border land border & water way

* VIP member at our partner organising the girls Entertain demands for Free *.

Service & beautiful girl welcome to VIP member that doing business with us.
Throughout the 24 hours

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